Fear Of Falling

what do you do when you have a fear of falling in love because you know how it normally ends? the likely hood of people staying together now a days is very low, and I have such high standards when it comes to what I expect from a relationship. I am a writer, and I have a certain outlook on love, and what I will and will not stand for in a relationship. I was recently with someone who was only romantic when we fought, because they knew that I was going to leave if they didn’t get their act together. But eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I left. I still have feelings for them but I needed to do something for me, I had to put myself first.

There was another person who I have had strong feelings for, for the last three years. We tried something this summer and it didn’t work out. They got scared and ran off, leaving me to feel confused and unsure of what I did to make them go. I think they could tell that I was beginning to fall for them, and that scared them. Maybe love isn’t meant for everyone, no matter how much I want to believe that it is.