Telling Lies While Trying to Grow UP

Lies are an easy enough thing to let slip out of our mouths. We tell ourselves that we told a lie to protect the other person, because we didn’t want to hurt their feelings, or because they don’t need to know the truth, when in reality we tell lies to protect ourselves, because we don’t want to hurt them or have them hate us. But something we often look past at the moment is that lying to them will only make it worse, because lies will always be found out.

Lying as a little kid, your parents tsk at you and tell you that lying is bad, but as we grow up we call them out on the lies they told us as children, the ones that lead us to believe in magic. The lies that let us truly be children, to believe that the world wasn’t that bad of a place, the lies that let us feel safe and carefree.

As teenagers, we started to lie to our parents more. Whether it was about crushes, or where we were going after school. Whether it was about bullying, or having our feelings hurt, we’d lie to them. We’d tell them we didn’t like anyone, or that we were going to Angelia’s house when in reality we were going to Stevens’s house. We’d tell them we had lots of friends, because it was better than admitting that we had none, that we felt lonely. We’d lie and say we didn’t smoke, that we never drank, we’d sneak out and crawl back into bed, prepared to lie our way out of any situation, but we’d always get caught. Our parents always found out the truth.

Now as young adults, we try to defend ourselves from the world by continuing to tell small white lies, often along the lines of our age, our work experience, our love life, and occasionally people lie about their name or their love life. We make friends with different people, and we tell them all different stories about where we came from, what we did before they knew us. When we meet new people, we get to become someone different than we had been previously. We wouldn’t have to be the same scared teenager that we were back in high school, we didn’t have to be the social reject anymore, we could fall in love and forget about all the terrible things we had experienced in the past.

But we still always forget that lying will catch up to us. Someone will found out the truth, and when that happens they will ruin everything for us. All it takes is one person to find out something about your past that can destroy the whole elaborate fantasy you came up with.

I try my hardest not to lie, because I know that somewhere along the line it will be found out, and people won’t trust me anymore. I still tell my little sister, and my nieces the same lies my parents told me when I was their age, because I want them to believe in magic the way I used too. But other than that, I’m an honest person, I try to tell everything as it is, even if I know it might hurt someones feelings. I use logic and honesty to stop my one sister from making terrible choices where I can, but not every bad decision can be prevented, because bad choices is how we learn.



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